The Connected Home

Smart technology has existed for a few years, but I think 2018 is going to be the year that it becomes mainstream, with more new devices being launched every day.

What is Smart technology?

Smart technology is also known as The Internet of Things and manifests itself as everyday products that are connected to the internet. Smartphones and watches are the most visible example I can give but devices like Alexa and Smart TVs are also connected to the internet, constantly gathering and sending data via the internet. Everything is starting to become smart from cookers and fridges to cars and health monitors. By 2020 car manufacturers think that quarter of a billion cars alone will be connected to the internet. I’m not going to talk about the implications of this in this blog, so I’m going to focus on devices.


Smart Fridges

Samsung showcased their Family Hub 3.0 refrigerator at CES 2018. This fridge includes voice control and has integration with Samsung Smart Things Cloud and Internet of Things. This integration means you can control other appliances in your home directly from the fridge. This means you can adjust your thermostat, switch off lights and even leave a note for other family members on the screen. You can view what is inside the fridge without having to open the door and you will be able to order food using the meal planner. You will also be able to automatically order milk to be delivered when you’re running low. The 21@ screen allows you to watch TV or look at content from Buzzfeed or The Weather Company or even listen to music right on your fridge, making it an entertainment centre as well as a fridge.


Smart Mirrors

The HiMirror Mini was launched at CES 2018 and pairs with an Amazon Alexa and offers advice on skincare, make up tutorials and has the ability to track your skincare goals when using new products. The device can play your music, news or any other content that you desire as you’re looking at yourself. Neutrogena have launched a skincare app for smartphones that does a very similar job, taking pictures of your skin and recommending skincare products which it can order automatically for you online. Other products with similar features is the Kohler Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror that is designed to replace your bathroom mirror.


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