Weird and Wonderful New Tech

There are so many new tech products that are released and developed that you might have missed some of the latest releases. In this blog, I’m going to look at a few new products that you may have passed you by.


Fans of Sci-Fi are used to the idea of companion robots, whether it’s R2-D2 in Star Wars, Twiki in Buck Rogers or K9 in Doctor Who. There has been plenty of noise about robot tech from homeless scaring robots to muscle-bound super soldiers being built for military applications, but there have been very few domestic robots. Buddy aims to change this by providing a robot to assist you at home, much like Anakin Skywalker envisaged C-3P0 to help his mum on Tattooine. Buddy has similar functionality to Smart speakers like Alexa, letting you connect Smart devices like thermostats, lighting and wearables. He also operates as a personal assistant, letting you add things to your calendar, set alarm clocks and gives you information about weather forecasts, recipes and more. doubles up as a security guard, letting you know if anything is out of order in your house, as well as notifying relatives if an elderly person has a fall. Buddy won the CES Innovation award in 2018, so is gaining recognition for being one of the most innovative tech products around just now.


Bellus3D Camera

Shown at CES2018, this camera uses a twofold scale to create a 3D model of your face. It scans your face using an infa-red camera that works out depths and your facial structure. It then uses the front-facing camera on your phone or tablet to capture more details about your face including pores, wrinkles and colour. Applications of this technology include face scanning for unlocking phones (though Apples FaceID already does similar things) virtual try-ons of wigs/makeup and showing results of surgery/dental work.  The model is also 3D printable, so you can make creepily accurate printouts of yourself.



Smart products are going to take over our homes over the next few years and this is the first bathroom based smart product. In the UK, we don’t have power sockets in our bathrooms for safety reason, but those crazy Americans do and they might adopt this tech to help them with monitoring their health, wellness and beauty routine. Featuring Touchless integration, Voice Command, Facial Recognition, AI, AR and Smart Lighting. It also claims to keep your data private so what happens in the bathroom stays in the bathroom (until someone works out how to hack it).

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